Custom Wordpress Templates designed at MagicDust. Pages were set up on a 1920px wide document in InDesign and content/placeholders designed within a 920 pixel wide 'safe-zone' which ran down the centre of the page. After the designs were 'signed off', the website would be passed on to the development team who programmed the designs into a fully editable Bespoke Wordpress template.

    The Virtual Office Pearl Homepage Design

    Client Linda is a Virtual Assistant to CEO's worldwide. The brief called for a clean and minimal design to match the identity of the client which was 'effective, efficient and out of the way'.




    Platinum Wheel Repairs Homepage Design

    The brief called for a slick, modern design with dark and sleek imagery.


    Link: http://platinumwheelrepairs.com.au/

    Pulse Gymnastics

    Client Natasha's start up 'Pulse Gymnastics' started as a small collection of kids and parents who met in the school gymnasium after classes finished. It's now a full scale operation in a dedicated gym in Epping Sydney.


    Link: http://pulsegymnastics.com.au/

    Pedulla Studio Homepage Design

    Client Nick Pedulla has been working with wood for many years. He has a dedicated workshop on Sydney's Northern Beaches and specialises in creating custom furniture and sculptures from scratch. We created a full brand identity from scratch. Logo, business cards, letterhead and website.


    Link: http://www.pedullastudio.com.au/

    Gabrielle Tozer Homepage Design

    Gabrielle is a young adult fiction writer well known for her fun, playful tone and sharp humour and wit. Gabrielle had a number of redesigns and updates through Magicdust, I was lucky enough to work on the latest with her in early 2016.


    Link: http://gabrielletozer.com/


    Alexander Marel - Portfolio
    And on the Seventh Day..

    The 'Re-Turn' Student Savings Scheme || Branded Document & Strategic Outline

    Within the fifth session/trimester of Billy Blue’s Bachelor of communication design, was a subject entitled “Design and business”. Our goal as students was to use design thinking to produce a ‘disruptive hypothesis’ in the form of an innovative, branded product/service to change lives. 'Re-turn' was a conceptual organisation designed to reduce and recover HECS debts incurred by students by rounding up all purchases made on a 'Re-turn' card to the nearest dollar. The gap amount would then be deposited into a separate account whch contributed towards their student debt.

    'Re-turn' Student Savings Scheme || Branded Document

    [L] Infographics showed the significance of the current debt amount in its entirety and in contrast to the $7.5 billion which is unlikely to ever be recovered.
    [R] ‘Re-turn’s’ poster campaign targeted new and existing students. Designed to personify the scheme, their roles are crucial in stimulating interest amongst ‘Re-turn’s’ target market.

    Touch-points/Communication platform prototypes

    [L] ‘Re-turn’s’ website and online environment was the communication touch-point with which our customers would mostly interact with. Therefore, the pages were fastidiously mapped: designed to allow students to sign-in to their accounts, monitor their respective debts, even set savings goals and track their progress in real-time, in the most efficient way possible.
    [R] Our four primary customer touch-points [clockwise from top-left]; The online platform/website, the ‘Re-turn’ smartphone mobile application, Public poster advertisement campaigns and the ‘Re-turn’ student services information and registration kiosk.

    'Kai Studio' business plan

    The acronym of the first letters of the three owner’s given names made made the first few footsteps of the Visual Identity for "KAI Studio. Founded by Graphic Design students Kaylyn Boyles, Alexander Marel and Isabella Baratti in February 2014, Kai identified itself as a product of its surroundings; inspired by the visual impact of aesthetic appeal and within the branded market.

    ‘Kai’ Studio: Business Plan/Visual Strategy

    [L] Kai’s visual identity and design personality is simple, elegant and unique.
    [R] Open spaced photography was utilised throughout the document for a suggestive impression of infinite possibilities.
    Artistic expression produces a harmony within design.

    Service Offer || Graphic Style-guide

    [L] As a creative agency, Kai’s product and service offering needed to be multi faceted to maintain an edge in such a
    competitive industry.
    [R] Kai’s design assets facilitate a relationship between the corporate environment and the natural appeal of organic elements
    in its design.

    Design Studio Management - Investigation

    Assessment Task Number One of Billy Blue’s Session 5 subject entitled Design Studio Management [subject Code AD302]. The task was simple; research at least three design studios and record their structure, what they’re famous for, document all findings. Also contact creative agencies or studios in order to arrange a face to face interview. Compose a reflective summary based upon all information and opinions. The report also contained a typical structure of employees and their individual roles, a case study on ‘BoldInc’ and two face to face interviews with one Tommy Cehak, Art Director of Dro5a, Sydney and Narelle Vine of MOON.

    Contents || Summary of the typical roles within a print studio

    "BoldInc" Case Study || Steve Jobs' sentiments

    DESIGN STUDIO MANAGMENT || Investigation

    [L] Interview with “Dro5a” Art Director Mr Tommy Cehak
    [R] Reflective Summary of the report

    KERRI AINSWORTH'S ‘Change By Design’ || Campaign and Identity Collateral

    Kerri Ainsworth of ‘thedesigningwoman.com.au’ was the first live client I had ever been tasked with as a student. The process, concepts and final outcomes form a significant part of Billy Blue’s session six assessment criteria. CD301 - Design in Practice II. I welcomed such an opportunity with open eyes and ears, eager to absorb whatever knowledge and wisdom a veteran designer/art & creative director of such caliber could imbue. My session’s rationale was presented in a small printed document designed to resemble a smartphone device from which a digital business card was designed to play.

    CHANGE BY DESIGN CAMPAIGN || Smartphone themed printed strategic outline

    [L] An underlying theme of sustainability has been intertwined into Kerri’s Digital Business card, the ‘Change by design’ logo as well as the printed document. Kerri speaks passionately about the future of installation design, with particular emphasis placed on her own adaptation and use of energy saving technology in her installations such as solar panels and LED lighting.
    [R] Establishing a connection. Amarel's 2011 exhibition under the name of ‘The Origin Series’. ‘The Origin Series’ speciality is to cross the void which traditionally seperates form, function aesthetic value and purpose.

    Physical and Digital mockups of Kerri Ainsworth’s ‘Change By Design’ Identity Collateral

    Clockwise from Top Left: A4 Letterhead, Website 'about Kerri' section on tablet, mobile site on smartphone, stationery and DL envelope

    Kerri Ainsworth’s ‘Change By Design’ Smartphone booklet

    Bedroom Wall

    [Clockwise from top right] "Everything and Nothing" black pen on canvas illustration. 4x10 illustration "M'lady",
    4x10 Amarel Stamp logo stencil, A3 stencil print "Eva Green Out" for canvas adaptation

    Printed at 'Outsource Print' (www.outsourceprint.com.au). Images are printed to canvas using inkjet Epson printer at a minumum 300dpi. The standard canvas weight is a huge 280gsm-300gsm with each frame custom reinforced using stainless steel bracketed corners. Each Frame's depth is just over 30mm (1 1/16"), with the exception of 'burns and bricks'

    Audrey Masked
    Sophie Marceau
    AKA Anna Karenina
    Eva Green-Out
    Natural Industry
    Industry; Naturally :)
    Old Québec; Illustrated. 
    Burns and Bricks
    Extractor Fan Canvas

    Experimentations across form, function and aesthetic appeal

    Guitar effect pedal case and title page for a folio
    Pedal Case
    Pedal Case
    Speaker installation 'Donovan Green'
    How light; the air
    Lamptronic by Origin
    Silla de dos estaciones

    Held at 'The Tap Gallery', Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney. The 'Origin' exhibition was comprised of Speaker-box light installations and Canvas print-work. The 'origin' theme explores the relationship between man's derivative creativity, and true originality of the true creator of life, the one, the Origin.

    Black spray-paint through cut stencil of Origin logo
    The Origin in series logo
    Opening Night
    Opening Night 
    Neon paint and Fusion Bars
    Carry on
    Canvases on show
    Signing off
    Sñr Gonzales
    Rebel Yell

    'Artline' 0.4mm Black Felt-Tip pens, A4 computer paper and a great deal of time; spent in the loud presence and silent absence of mind. When a man dressed in military uniform in Lima asked exactly what it I was that I was drawing I found it a difficult question to answer. I told him everything and nothing. Todo y nada.

    Fan Art
    Posca Pen and Canvas
    Head on a bed
    20mm squared; A4 paper
    M'lady versus natural industry